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The Cloby Swaddle Clips are multi-functional and help you out on so many occasions!


There is nothing more annoying that a swaddle or blanket that keeps slipping off the stroller, exposing your sensitive baby to the sun and wind. 


Thats why these clips have been invented, to make your life that much easier and to make your bebe that much more comfortable!

The swaddle clip contains 2 magnets and is covered with high quality leather on one side and sturdy canvas on the other.


The swaddle clip is reversible, to fit your fashion mood. They attach toys, covers or small bags to your stroller or car seat, fix your swaddle to function as feeding cover or bib etc etc….

And with their stylish design they stay beautiful to use around your home when your kids grow up!

My Cloby Magnetic Swaddle Clips - Black & Grey