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Puddle Jumpers are made for lots of water fun!


Available in two prints (gingham squares & delicate daisies)


Made from recycled polyester with an extra dense foam, sustainable & comfortable! 


With a large adjustable back it provides more stability in the water than normal vests, due to the arm additions . This way, the child is fully supported and in a vertical position, avoiding tilts and rises of the vest without the need to use a strap between the legs, avoiding this discomfort.


Standard: EN13138-1WARNING: This is not life-saving equipment. Use only in water where a child can swim. Does not protect against drowning. Use only under constant supervision.






Age: 2-6 years, 14 - 25 KG

Weight: 200g

Material:  Recycled foam and polyester

Puddle Jumper - Gingham with ice Cream print

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