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Thermo Kura is an extremely practical product. On the one hand it works like a container with hot water and on the other hand, like an ice pack. And of course, it is a cuddle toy in the shape of our classic chicken hen. He is the perfect friend for your baby, he will be able to hug him and he will comfort him with both his uses (warm, cold) in any moment of need!


The Thermo Kura is made of soft and airy (air permeable fabric) Minky or Velvet fabric and the highlights are made of cotton fabric in specific La Millou designs. The inside pocket is minky and cotton. Its shape and size ensure comfortable insertion and safe holding of the heating or cooling insert.


You can use it:


For abdominal discomfort such as colic.
In winter, during a long walk.
In bruises and bumps.
For fever.


PLEASE NOTE: Never apply the insert directly to your baby's skin, only through the Thermo Kura belly.

Below in the description are the instructions for use of the Thermo Pocket.

Thermo Kura Grey Fly me to the moon

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  • *** How to use the Hot Gel Pack in Thermo Kura:

    To warm up:

    Gently grasp the stick inside the hot gel pack with both hands and bend it slightly. As soon as you do this gel pack starts to heat up and harden, while the clear liquid acquires a more milky shade.

    Then it is ready for use and it is always placed inside the Thermo Kura.

    To restore the Hot Gel Pack to its original state:

    Put boiling water in a saucepan  . When the water comes to a boil then pour in the Hot Gel Pack and let it boil for 6 minutes . At the end of 6 minutes, carefully remove the Hot Gel Pack, which has now acquired its original image (ie it is clear and soft) and leave it on a surface to cool so that it is ready for its next use.

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