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A bouquet for your loved ones! Theo the Tulip is a teether, bath toy & sensory play toy for babies. Its ring makes it easy for babies' little hands to hold while chewing on a safe natural teether. A wide variety of texture will also stimulate babies’ senses and soothe teething gums.


Make kids love the environment that surround them with our Garden family!


 Easy-to-hang from a strap and take it everywhere you go! 


Did you know that tulip flowers are actually edible? They can be used to replace onions in many recipes!


By choosing this natural toy for babies, you are collaborating with the Butterfly Conservation organisation that fights for the preservation of butterflies. Did you know they help our planet with pollination & the flourishing of more flowers? 

Oli & Carol Natural Rubber Teether & Bath Toy - Theo the Tu