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The most famous toy in the world that stimulates all the baby's senses !!! Sophie was born in Paris in 1961 and has since conquered the world!

More than 50 million children have chewed, chewed, played with a Sophie and remember her with love!

Sophie is made in France from 100% natural rubber and is the toy that your baby will love! It is no coincidence that so many celebrity kids around the world were photographed at random with a Sophie!

Sophie is loved by babies and will soon become your baby's favorite toy !!!



Stimulates the 5 senses:



At the age of 3 months, infants' vision is very limited and can only distinguish large contrasts. The dark and contrasting spots all over Sophie's body, attract his attention and irritate the baby's vision. Soon the baby visually recognizes Sophie, feels her familiar and reassuring.



The baby rejoices with the whistle on Sophie's body, but at the same time his hearing is irritated. In the beginning, Sophie's funny sound when she is chewing helps to stimulate the hearing, then and as the baby grows, it helps the baby to connect the result with his action (cause and effect).



Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and colors that are also used in cooking and it is completely safe for the baby to chew it, as he would do with a pacifier or the nipple of a bottle. Its soft texture and its many chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), give the baby great relief in his sore gums, during teething.



Touch is the baby's first sense of communication.

Sophie's soft sensation, like that of her mom's skin, stimulates psychological and emotional reactions that soothe the baby and promote healthy growth and euphoria.



The special smell of rubber, straight from the rubber trees, stimulates his sense of smell and makes it stand out from all his other toys.


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