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The first toy in the form of a "seat" that combines comfort, fun and stimulates all 5 senses of the baby .

Playing with the soft pillow the baby will feel very comfortable and will offer him multiple play combinations with the detachable toys.


How does it stimulate the 5 senses?

1. Touch: With the various materials it is made of

2. Hearing: With the small bell, with the noise of the crumpled paper and the rattle

3.4. Taste and smell: With the vanilla-flavored teething ring

5. Vision: The pillow is made of various, beautiful colors and with a mirror where the baby can explore its reflection


Thanks to its non-slip base, the baby always stays stable.

Suitable for ages 3+ months and up to 9 kg

Sophie giraffe Comfortable Seat & Toy Pillow

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