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Oh no, there’s dirt all over the floor and a lot of fluff seems to have come in during the night.


Fortunately, there’s no one like the cleaning patrol here at home. With these cleaning toys you can introduce new important life skills – how to take care of your home.


Sweep crumbs with the broom and then catch them with the hand brush and dustpan. Then you can scrub the floor with the mop, which also comes with a removable cloth.


And with the feather duster, no piece of fluff is safe. Finish the cleaning by drying things nicely with the towel, so you’re guaranteed the nicest room in the whole city. Having a child-sized cleaning kit can teach responsibility, increase self-confidence, improve motor skills, and develop hand-eye co-ordination.


Contains: toy mop with cloth, broom, hand brush, dustpan, feather duster, towel, and a storage rack.

Kids Concept cleaning set

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