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Bamboo 2 pack silver plus.


The soft muslins, made of 100% bamboo fabric are an essential piece for the baby dowry.


These fabrics are made of silver microparticles which completely protect against bacteria but also from various types of mold and fungi, while they are mainly used in the medical industry.

Because these fabrics are widely used by children, we have ensured that they are completely safe, hygienic and free of bacteria that can harm your child.


These fabrics are made entirely of Bamboo yarn, which is extremely thin and soft to the touch. Bamboo fibers absorb moisture perfectly and have strong antibacterial properties.

They will be useful in any case: during breastfeeding or bottle feeding, as a cuddle diaper, as a towel, as a surface protector that touches our baby to protect against redness that occurs very often on the cheek and of course as Burp Cloth.


100% bamboo fabrics ensure freshness and comfort for your baby.</