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Rockit - The award-winning portable wheelchair relaxer.

Does your baby wake up as soon as the stroller stops? 


Rockit will keep shaking it so you don't have to do it yourself! 


Made to help parents on the road, this essential and practical accessory keeps babies "on the move" and drowsy.


Just push it on the stroller, press the button, adjust the speed and Rockit undertakes to rock your baby gently just as you would.

Rockit on walks: With the baby next to you you can enjoy a coffee in peace or manage to complete the supermarket with both hands.

Rockit at home: Save a few extra minutes to tidy up your shopping! Avoid evening walks around the square to put your baby to sleep. Calm down, Rockit will suit you!

Rockit creates a gentle shake to safely relax your baby. Scientific tests have shown that the vibration level very accurately simulates the movement of the hand that shakes the stroller and the relaxing movement is gentler than a stroller on the sidewalk.

Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)

• Adapts to all carts
• Silent mechanism with adjustable speed.
• Gentle 30 minute shake
• Water resistant, use indoors and outdoors.<