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Vanilla Copenhagen Neoprene swimming vest with adjustable crotch harness


Small children will swim like little fish in the water with a life vest on.


Neoprene bathing vest from Vanilla Copenhagen. A life jacket increases your child's comfort and safety in the water.


A life jacket gives the child the most optimal position in the water to learn to swim.

The inner foam helps with natural buoyancy in the water, this makes it easier for the child to move and swim around in the pool or the sea. You must ensure that the child has optimal buoyancy. The right level is when the child is at the same level as you when you tread water, where the water is around the shoulders. You can adjust the buoyancy by simply removing some of the floats from the vest pockets. When the child is at the right level, the child will be able to easily control his buoyancy. 


The vest has eight internal floats, with which the buoyancy of the vest can be adapted to the child's size, needs and swimming abilities. Adjust the buoyancy by removing some of the floats from the vest pockets. 


IMPORTANT! Always remove floats in pairs, starting with floats 1&1, then 2&2, then 3&3 and 4&4. When the child is at the right level, the child can control his buoyancy with ease.


Age: 1-3 years

Weight 11-20 kg

Chest size: 53-56 cm


Adjustable crotch harness with click buckle - no crotch harness

Age: 3-6 years

Weight: 19-25 kg

Chest size: 55-60 cm



The vest is soft neoprene (same material as swimming trunks) with a durable layer of nylon on both sides, robust floats and a strong YKK zip.

CE European standard: EN 13138-1: 2021



Material: Neoprene 80%, polyester 10%, nylon 10%

Air drying is recommended


YKK zipper with velcro closes so that the child cannot open it.

The swimming vest is 100% free of phthalates and without latex.

UV protects against the sun's harmful rays on covered areas.


Puncture-free foam filling that can be removed.


Note: The vest is NOT a life jacket and must never be used as such. Children must always be supervised by a responsible adult.

Vanilla Copenhagen Swimming vest - Oak Frill - Oeko-Tex

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