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 Zed simulates the feel of a car.


Its clever technology reproduces the gentle, low-vibration vibrations that are known to put babies to sleep.


Just place the Zed on the mattress, close to the baby's feet and press the snooze button. Carefully adjusted vibrations travel gently on the mattress, calming the baby and helping him sleep well.Zed can also be used as a night light - ideal for evening meals or for holiday escorts.


The science of good vibrations.


To reproduce the feel of the car in the safe environment of the house, Zed uses special mechanisms that simulate the low vibrations of the suspensions and those of the engine. As these gentle vibrations pass through the mattress, they also create soft sounds.


Choose one of the 6 different vibration patterns to find the perfect virtual ride for your baby.Zed includes:• 6 vibration damping patterns with automatic switch-off in 1 hour.•


Works on all types of mattresses• Portable night light with 3 levels of intensity together and with adjustment for the whole night•


Suitable for childbirth• Liquid resistant - Tested for IPX4• Works with 2x AA batteries• Batteries last up to 50 hours (measured at the lowest speed)

ZED - Simulation of driving in a car

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