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No one knows like mom her needs on every walk with her baby and how well she must be prepared for the unexpected. That's why we created the Feeria stroller bag.

It has 4 pockets, two inside and two outside, in which you can place everything you need such as a bottle, diapers, clothes, cosmetics or toys.

You could combine it with a larger size and create a versatile and elegant set complete with a heart-shaped pendant-keychain.

Ready for a walk? The latest version includes an extra extension of about 5cm and an extra small pocket with a zipper. Thanks to this version, the bag is even more spacious and practical.

The outside of the bag is made of a waterproof and very durable material. The inside of the bag consists of a waterproof taslan which is ideal for unexpected accidents.

The stroller bag includes large durable handles with a special elastic material that will help you hold it in your hand or hang it on the stroller.

La Millou Feeria Stroller Bag - Boho Coco

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