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LÄSSIG’s silicone-wood grasping ring "Little Chums Dog" stimulates all baby’s senses and helps with teething. Suitable for babies from birth on.


For young explorers: LÄSSIG’s colorful, silicone-wood grasping ring stimulates baby’s senses.

The two different materials stimulates baby’s sense of touch.


Playing, touching and turning the ring made up of silicone balls trains baby’s fine motor skills.


As a child moves the toy in front of its eyes, the eye-hand coordination is stimulated and it learns to grasp things.


The size and material of the grasping toy are ideally suited to tiny hands and stimulate all the senses.

This food-safe silicone toy also helps in the teething phase by having a soothing effect on baby’s gums.


Putting the toy in the refrigerator improves the soothing effect of the toy for the teething baby.

The perfect combination of a toy and teething support. Suitable for babies from birth on.

        Lassig Teether Bracelet Wood - Silicone, Little Chums Dog

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