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It is the most suitable and  100% safe  glass for children. Made of  non-toxic Tritan material, free from BPA, BPS, EA, fall resistant, odorless, dishwasher safe and suitable for microwave.   
Give it to your children without fear because due to its construction it does not break, so they can carry it everywhere with them without the anxiety that some damage will be done!

With the Design Letters Tritan glass you are sure that:

  • There is no risk of breaking due to its construction from Tritan material
  • It is completely safe, without any chemicals
  • It does not retain odors
  • It is completely environmentally friendly
  • Machine washable and suitable for the microwave
  • They are BPA, BPS, EA free


Dimensions:  Height: 4.3 cm., Diameter: 11 cm.


Design Letters Mini Favourite cup (tritan)

Tax Included

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