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Vanilla Copenhagen Swimming Goggles

With Vanilla Copenhagen swimming goggles, you can be sure that your child will have a fantastic and comfortable trip in the swimming pool or in the sea.

The swimming goggles are ergonomically designed to ensure they fit all face shapes. High-quality silicone provides a high degree of comfort and protection.

Anti-fog coating and wide-angle lens that ensure the child clear distance vision underwater.

Adjustable head strap can relieve the pressure on the child's head. The swimming goggles are easy to adjust for tightness.

Vanilla Copenhagen Blue Shadow Goggles

Tax Included

    Recommended age: 3-9 years

    UV-coated lens protects against the sun's rays

    The anti-fog treatment means that they do not fog

    Wide field of vision increases the child's sense of security

    Easy and quick adjustment of the neck strap

    Sits well close to the head without being uncomfortable

    The glasses are free of Latex

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