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Eeveve's multifunctional desk mats are easy to use for multiple purposes.


  • Use for toddlers as a "catch all" place mat;
  • Use for painting and arts and crafts;
  • Ideal for under your keyboard (mom needs some stylish spoils too)
  • For adult crafting or to use as a placemat for dining.



XXL SIZE: They are 2mm thick and have a size of 70 x 44 cm.

BASIC SIZE: 2 mm thick and have a size of 45.8 cm x 33 cm with round corners.



The desk mats are eco-friendly, durable and made of 100% soft vinyl. They are non-slip and the ink used to color the products (phthalates) does not contain formaldehydes. Manufactured and tested under the European standard of REACH

The desk mats are packed per piece.


How to clean


Easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge. The stubborn stains are also easy to remove with washing up liquid and the soft side of the sponge.


Eeveve Cinnamon Dots desk/arts & crafts/placemat

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